Going by the moniker “Master Artist,” Ward is 41 years old and is a photo artist living in the United Kingdom.

Master Artist discovered Modelling and Photography at the age of 37 and quickly fell in love with the possibilities. From a young age he was always a “perpetual fiddler:” always creating something. His creative powers came into their full power, however, when he finally discovered digital photography and manipulation. He is entirely self-taught, but in digital photography Master Artist has truly found his calling.

Using himself as the subject of his work, all of his pieces are completely created by him (both in front of and behind the camera and post-processing). He serves as the model, the photographer, and does all of the post-shoot photo manipulation himself. Since he uses both locations and a home studio, some of his images requires a bit of daring.

Focusing on predominantly male artistic nude with a twist and digital art/photo manipulation, Master Artist believes that male nude photography is under represented and what there is conforms to society’s norms. In his work he tries to encompass both male and female influences without androgyny, believing that the naked male body can be elegant and beautiful, erotic and sexy in ways that are normally reserved for the female form.